Lock up your mothers, Jack is back.

This is the first Wolves play to achieve a funded tour of Regional Victoria.
But before we set off we are staging it again in Melbourne.

Now the devilishly fun part of this play isn't the way Jack (Ezra Bix) a realestate agent, manages to use all his salesman tricks to convince his sisters to murder their ailing mother but how almost 50% of the time he convinces the audience to endorse this act.

That's right. This play has two endings and it is you, the audience who, at one very tense moment will vote for the end of the play.

And while we never thought the death vote would be chosen, we were wrong. The vote is nearly always close.

Oh my God, what does that mean? Are you stating, by voting, yes, that under some circumstances communally, murder is becoming the best socially acceptable option?


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Kew Courthouse Theatre
188 High St, Kew VIC 3101


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