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Audience feedback; Marooned. 

By Michael Gray Griffith 

Some posts gleaned from facebook

Marooned is a fantastic play dealing with "life issues" and what it means or doesn't
mean to be a man in today's diverse world. Entertaining, funny, sad, and thoughtful. Not
to be missed!
-Damien Mecoles


I saw this last night. You should go. It’s thought provoking and funny and poetic and it’s
about four Aussie blokes who meet in an “in between” ethereal place after attempting
suicide. It’s beautifully written and well performed, don’t let the title put you off. Go
and see it.
-Andrew Thomson

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“Marooned  is a ballsy show. Michael Griffith is a playwright offering a brave male
voice, rare in contemporary Australian theatre.”
-Ezra Bix


Marooned: brilliantly written and performed about one of the most taboo life topics -
suicide. If not for anything, this profound and confronting play sensitively provides
insight into each character's story without prejudice and judgement and allows the
audience to be a part of their individual and collective journey. The audience can relate,
rejoice, grieve and smile even at times laugh with the cast who so wonderfully portray
their characters. Humour is appropriately used to ensure the powerful message, while
humility and humanity prevail.
A definite must see - even for the faint hearted. Life is too short and precious. Go see it.
-Despina Poursanidis


Wow! Funny and powerful!
-Cathrin Tomarchio






By Michael Gray Griffith

A play about suicide that needs to be seen


“Is it only last week Australian of the Year Grace Tame told us, “History, lived experience, the whole truth, unsanitised and unedited, is our greatest learning resource. It is what informs social and structural change”? Marooned is a play that fulfils this urgent purpose, using communal story-telling, aka theatre, to confront Australia’s epidemic of life-threatening despair, shame and grief. It does so with humour and compassion and honesty. It needs to be seen.

~Harriet Cunningham

The Sydney Morning Herald



Initially rehearsed in a living room, from it’s opening night in a tine theatre in Prahran Marooned has been warmly accepted.

Toured regional Victoria where it has attracted standing ovations and a loyal following.

The MTC invited The Wolves Theatre to stage it in one of their theatres, then the Chief of Army invited them to stage it for the Chain of Command in Canberra.

Now Covid willing, in mid-2021 a National Conference in the UK will wrap up their conference with Marooned.

It’s been called a revolution by a top army psychologist and has also attracted the backing of a former Australian of the year, Simon McKeon. 

Now it’s coming to Kingston Arts Centre

“Set in a waiting room in the afterlife, it focuses on the souls of four very different strangers who are bored and regretful and want to get out of this room and go home, but how? Maybe there is something they have to do. But what? Apart from the seats, the only thing in this room is each other.”

“Marooned is undoubtedly the finest piece of theatre I’ve seen in many years. It had me in tears and belly laughing. Beautifully written and expertly performed. Stunningly good.”

~Megan Watts.


“This is an important play,”

~Alan Hopgood.


“While I can see the influences of Harold Pinter, this is not Pinter. This is an original voice” ~Bruce Beresford


I laughed, I cried, I felt. It’s raw and extremely real. The actors are beyond amazing, the writing is phenomenal. It was an occasional shifting of bodies that brought you back to the reality that reminded you that this was a play.

~Natalie Powel


I think it’s fair to say that any play that holds your attention for 90 minutes is something special. Having been in the audience, I can tell you this is that play. Miss it at your peril.

~Simon Walters


Thoroughly enjoyed this yesterday. If you get the chance recommended very highly. Funny, touching and poignant. Great performances by all involved.

~Brian Molony


It’s refreshing honest and raw – yet uplifting. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this on the topic of suicide. Fantastic script and performances.

~Marie Budimir


 Brilliant is all I can say. It’s a story that needs to be told and everyone needs to see it.

~Charlie Heylar

A fantastic play dealing with “Life issues”. Entertaining, funny, sad, and thoughtful. Not to be missed!

~Damien Mecoles


What an absolutely brilliant show. Fantastic actors, superbly written. The cast, writer and everyone associated with Marooned thoroughly deserved their standing ovation and extended applause. A great theatre experience.

~Jeffrey Byrant Jones


Cannot say how much I enjoyed it. Beautifully written. Brilliantly acted. I laughed, I cried and I pondered. A truly wonderful piece of work.

~Deb Mitchell


“This is A really important play”

~Elise Anderson


“A superb play. The Script is absolutely amazing.” ~Maria O’Sullivan

Marooned, a play about suicide, but I’m absolutely blown away about how it was dealt with in this amazing production. I laughed, (quite unexpectedly) I cried and looked at life in a completely different way afterwards.

~Mick O’Conner


 It’s a must go see play (if I get a chance I will be back again to see it). A beautiful but yet brilliant truthful performance about a taboo subject.

~Melissa OHanlon-Karsai


Emotionally moving and extremely thought provoking.

~Rhett May


Riveting the entire way through, with complex twists and turns that are entirely relatable to the audience.    This is several stories on a trajectory no one can predict. This play has successfully tackled the enormity of a major societal issue inadequately addressed in many mediums. Bravo!

~Sandee Allen


Cannot wait to see the show again as you tour around for the Defence. I appreciate all your amazing talent and engaging so many to discuss such an important topic.

~Kylie Graham


After 40 odd years in theatre I think this work was one of the best crafted and performed pieces that genuinely touches your soul. I will never forget it!

~Wayne Cahill


The finest piece of theatre I’ve seen in years.

 ~Megan Watts.

“I think it's bloody fabulous. I was totally engrossed. Usually a fidget when I'm in a theatre, but l was just waiting with baited breath to see what the next character would say. Wondering if these lost souls would find their answer. While struggling to work out what answers they want to hear. I really loved that you touched this issue. I think this is why people don't really take people serious with suicide thoughts / threats as it's such a taboo subject they are not sure they're serious . Writing about this and putting it into such a magnificent play brings up the subject and we all discuss it ....and if we all discuss it more often when people who suffer from depression tell a friend a colleague or a loved one their suicidal thoughts they maybe listened to seriously as it won't be such a taboo subject anymore. Beautifully written while falling in love with these character's / tortured souls and im sure the audience can relate at some level either on a personal level or friends and family.. This is personally close to my heart as l have suffered depression for 7 years in the past. I was very suicidal I attempted a few times . A few years ago when I was depressed again for a short period through my divorce I thought about it a few times, but I have a rule that I always wait till the next day to see how good it is and surprisingly I do have a good day and I thank god that I never did it. And I think this is how most of those men felt .....if they could have just waited one more day just to wait and to speak to somebody. I will go so far as to say this play will save lives !Well fucking done … !!!!!

-Alicia Mann Mckirdy

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