When Icebergs Burn 

by Michael Gray Griffith

This play will be pitched at Showcase Victoria 2019.

First Directed by the accomplished Director Aarne Neeme  Northcote Town Hall  2018


Aarne who has directed Blue Heelers, All Saints, MDA, Home and Away, Neighbours, and Out of the Blue, has also directed over 300 plays .


In an effort to become the father she needs Lazarus has abducted his ice addicted daughter who is on the run from a horrific crime, but with her against him and the police after them both all he has to run with is an impossible plan.




Michael sent this play up to Aarne to see what he thought. He was after advice as he felt the play was quite original and had legs.


Aarne's advice was that he wanted to fly down and direct it. This is what's happening.  


“I have known of Michael's work over a number of years, and consider that he has developed into an outstanding playwright. His recent plays have been extraordinary, in facing and dealing with thorny issues at the very heart of our society. His insights are uncompromising; matched only by his compassion. ”


                                                                                                                                                                                                     ~Aarne Neeme


Aarne on why he's directing When Icebergs Burn


"The play examines the difficulties of maintaining family ties given the fractures of the present time. I'm excited by the challenge of developing an intense and complex relationship between two fine characters (actors.)"

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