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After losing my father last year, and now contemplating the future of my frail mother, this powerful play really struck a chord with me.  I noticed many in the audience who were equally moved, some even to tears lasting well after lights up.  To be or not to be?  To exist in a nursing home or to be 'let go'?  That is the moral question facing the trio and ultimately the audience, who get to decide the ending of each performance.  Even after the vote the audience were rivetted waiting to see how the final moments would play out. I couldn't help thinking of similarities between an Agatha Christie play where the secrecy of the ending has been crucial to its success. And like The Mousetrap I'm sure that audiences will continue to treasure Michael Gray Griffith's The Magnolia Tree for years to come.

                                                                                                                                                     ~Jonathan Cox

                                                                                                                                                       READ WHOLE REVIEW



Michael Griffith’s brilliant and relatable story challenges societal views on ageing parents with mental illness. This emotive production identifies a family’s ongoing concern for their elderly mother suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Experience a reinvention of realism

Michael Griffiths has written a play that will cast your morality adrift in an exercise of humanity. Combining moments of black humour and powerful emotion you will be forced to answer

The Grim Reaper has never been so interesting or personal.

The Magnolia Tree exudes 70 minutes of tension, with years of family secrets finally coming to the surface. The three siblings are forced to confront their closeted thoughts and past actions with nothing left unsaid.

Playwright Michael Griffith has written a striking character-driven play filled with family secrets and fractured relationships, presenting them with an impossible bind. 4/5 stars

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The Actors  Tottie Goldsmith and Rohana Hayes hamming it up on the road.

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