In life's poem we are the songs

A beautiful musical written in Melbourne by a tram driver who had previously never written a song.

Because he has managed to get this piece to here through belief alone, we are having Open Auditions.

We want to see if there are other dreamers out there, with or without Musical Theatre experience,

who believe they have what it takes to join the journey of Magpie.

The Brief Synopsis

Set on the modern-day streets of Melbourne, Magpie is a story of how Imogene King, one of the country’s richest and loneliest young women and a homeless support worker nicknamed Magpie will try to build four bridges across our growing wealth gap.

One of love, one of grief, one of determination and maybe, just maybe a Bridge of Hope.

With a beautiful and original score and full of drama, laughter, tears and song, Magpie is a rollicking story that is suitable for the entire family.


Click above image to hear these great singers

working a sample of the score

Money is All Anyone Wants - Raphael Wong
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Listen to one of Magpie's songs


The story of Magpie’s journey so far is a classic story of an underdog overcoming the odds and at the core of that story is Michael Gray Griffith.







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