Imogene King is the richest young woman in the country. Incredibly lonely she is determined to show the world that there is more to her than money. Her dream is to become a respected, musical theatre performer.


But her powerful Father, John King has other plans. He intends to derail her dream, which he sees as silly, in order to manipulate her into accepting her true destiny of taking over as CEO of the family company, King Industries, leaving him free to run for parliament. But once Imogene discovers his plans she secretly decides to teach him a lesson that he will never forget.


To win much-needed votes her father is producing and hosting a televised talent show for young homeless women. He claims he wants to offer one of them a chance of stardom and at the same time he’ll show the country how magnanimous he truly is.


Imogene decides that she will audition for this show, but to do so she will have to look so authentically homeless even her father won’t recognize her. Then, when she wins she’ll reveal her true identity and the ensuing scandal will be her father’s karma.


To help her achieve this she turns to The Red Man; a bear of a man who lives on the streets below her father’s tower. What she doesn’t know is that for years The Red Man has been praying to God and the Devil for one chance to destroy her Father who he blames for a tragic event that destroyed his life.


But instead of instructing her on how to look authentically homeless himself, the Red Man teams Imogene up with Magpie; a reluctant young, homeless support worker who needs the money Imogene is offering to prevent a struggling family stave off eviction.


To show Imogene what it’s like to be authentically homeless Magpie takes her on a secret tour of the streets. He intends to shock her but not only does Imogene revel in her new anonymity, but as the night progresses she is so taken by Magpie’s natural empathy that she comes to realise that this young man is the one her heart has been yearning for. They are the love of each other’s life.


But as the couple grow closer The Red Man is turning his dark plans into action. After tricking John King into believing that Magpie, the orphan of his past tragedy, intends to harm Imogene out of revenge, he convinces John that the only way he can prevent this happening (without the whole world finding out) is to head to the streets himself where he, The Red Man will be his trusted guide.


But in any environment John King is a ruthless man and as the night progress he stops being an aspiring  Politician and becomes a father desperate to find his daughter. 


But revenge does not come cheap and before the dawn arrives all four of them will have paid a terrible price.


A price that will see Imogene left facing two paths, she can give up or, with Magpie forever in her heart,  she can embrace her true destiny, the one that has been waiting under her dreams, and in doing so she may just discover a path of Hope for us all.   

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