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 If you are feeling vulnerable please call 

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A Short History of The Play 

  1. The goal, to write a suicide prevention play that was cheap to stage and tour,

  2. That held an audience's attention and entertained them. 

  3. That left them feeling uplifted, even hopeful,

  4. And in times of darkness might see them choose life. 

The first three have been achieved, I don't know how to evaluate the fourth.


 That said something else has been discovered. Something important.  


Even though we use (what are seen as) unsafe words, and even though the end is a terrible tragedy, the audiences afterwards tell us they feel uplifted and hang around for ages not only wanting to congratulate us, but to talk about suicide.


But we are not mental health advocates, we are a independant theatre company.


But it is clear that this period where loads of people, profoundly moved are wanting to talk about suicide, is a breeding ground for positive change.


People are even getting back to us days later saying how the play is still resonating with them, and several people have come back to see it.


Marooned is now a tool that can be used by mental health organizations to positive ends.  


Two country towns are using it for this purpose, Corowa and Yarrawonga, with others in talks with us. And The Australian Defence Force’s chain of command is about to evaluate it too.


Cheap to stage, cheap to tour, Marooned can grace major stages, towns halls and even be put on outdoors.  It  is funny, moving and powerful and in this era where suicide is such a prevalent problem, it is more than a theatre piece,  it is a modest investment with a very healthy return.

Marooned was recently staged at the MTC's Lawler Theatre, and has just completed the first two country town gigs of its growing regional tour and two exclusive shows for the ADF.

The Palace Hotel, one of the first venues we approached, will be the first pub to take on this new collaboration.

Stephen Szalay the venue manager at The Palace who we introduced the idea to says: “I really like what you are doing, it's a brand-new concept to Melbourne”


Enjoy The Show

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