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Please join us for a Reading of a New Australian Play, 

"A long time ago my mother gave me a framed proverb. I believe in it very much. Even though I have no children of my own I have tried to live by it. It says There are only two lasting bequests that we can give to our children, one is roots; the other, WINGS! 
When I read ‘Adrifting’ I thought of it immediately. 
I love it. The play I mean. It says so much about the power of women and the frailty of mankind.” 
                                                               ~Amanda Muggleton. 

Di, her talented but troubled daughter Taylor and their friend Magnolia are facing foreclosure, their only hope is that Di’s mother, Lorraine, a wealthy but notoriously stingy woman, will bail them out. But instead Lorraine arrives on their door step in a Winnebago. She claims she’s given all her wealth to charity and wants them to come live on the road like modern day swag-women. 
Is she lying? 
Has she gone crazy? 
Or, as she claims, has she found a new star to aim for? 


Hilarious, poignant, and bold. the reading of this new play, by The Wolves Theatre Company also features Tottie Goldsmith as Magnolia. 



7pm. 10th May



Brunswick Ballroom. 

Tickets $25


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