5 Wolf Plays in the First 5 Months

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We know, it sounds a crazy and that's because, well it is.

But then that's benefit of being a predominantly middle aged theatre company,

you've all realised how short life is so fuck it let's go for it.

theatre is what we love.

Our longest play to date

Kew Courthouse Theatre 188 High St, Kew VIC 3101 23rd Jan-1st Feb

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A Farce for six by Michael Gray Griffith for the Wolves Theatre Company

The theme of the play is this theory that I concocted. DODO-ISTICALITY When any animal arrives on an Island where it immediately becomes the dominant species, instantly that animal starts walking down the path to its own demise. Basically they just keep getting louder and dumber and fatter until some new species, or environmental challenge arrives and sadly, wipes them out. Their only hope is, if, communally, they can realize that they have devolved into dodos and communally re-evolve. Oh fuck it! who are we kidding? We’re fucked, baby. We are all fucked! Mercifully we are too loud to hear this and too dumb to understand it, which is good, because even if we weren’t, we’d all be too fat to do anything about it . . . Or are we? This play is our story Australia Dot Com is an online souvenir business under threat from several offshore multinational companies. "We are a house of Straw, and they are a whole army of wolves" declares Jack, the suburban CEO. The only chance these six, deeply flawed characters have is to realize that they have a real problem and then communally work together towards finding a solution. Trouble is, they all already have another problem that is absorbing all of their time . . . themselves. But if these six fuckups can somehow save the online souvenir company then baby, there is hope for us all.

Cracked Actors Theatre

Sunday, 19 January 2020 from 13:30-15:00 Cracked Actors Theatre Level 1, 34 - 36 Lakeside Dr, Albert Park 3206 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


A powerful new Australian play staged in a classic Australian Pub.

Pub Theatre is affordable and exciting. Better still, the Palace Hotel in Camberwell has great food and ample FREE parking it's a classic venue to see and support new

Australian theatre.

Steve Szalay, Palace Hotel Venue Manager had this to say on the topic:

"When Michael and Rohana approached me with this concept I really liked the idea as it was something fresh and different. I have had success with comedy, music and pop trivia in the past and I believe that as a publican we need to adapt and be different in order to grow. I’m hoping Pub theatre will provide a unique and entertaining experience to our patrons as well as allowing actors and playwrights the opportunity to showcase their talents week in week out.

Ultimately we're hoping that more pubs will take this concept on and with the federal government cutting their funding to the arts hopefully this relationship will help live theatre survive in Australia." Steve

Marooned at The Palace 21 January 2020 The Palace Hotel 893 Burke Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124

Dinner and show 7 pm Play starts 8 pm.

Marooned at The RED ROCK THEATRE

At the same time Guy May's art will be on display in the Gallery

Marooned is coming to the Carolyn Theatre Cororooke

7th Feb Book Online or at Cowlicks or Cororooke Shop

5 Carson Place

Melbourne, VIC 3000

A middle-aged father gets stuck in a lift on Good Friday. No one knows he’s there and the help button doesn’t work. At first he deals with ordinary problems, like trying not to die of thirst, but as the days pass he realizes he’s always been stuck in a lift of indifference. Eventually he becomes convinced that if he can answer the question; “The reason I don’t give a shit is?” The doors will open and he will be reborn as a man of purpose and passion, or maybe he’ll just go nuts and die. Its funny, fast paced, deep and ultimately empowering for all.


MONDAY 24 Fed - Saturday 29 Feb

The Magnolia Tree

The Wolves' first play

Three siblings have come together to choose a nursing home for their mother who has advanced Alzheimer’s but instead Jack, for unclear reasons, will attempt to talk his sisters into letting her go, tonight. At first his sisters will have none of it but Jack, a brilliant real estate salesman will be as persistent as the ocean wearing away at the twelve apostles. Will his sisters’ principles hold up, or will the decades of poverty before them see them both re-evaluate the morality their mother taught them?

The twist in this tense thriller is that the final decision won’t be theirs, it will be yours. This play has two endings and right in the middle of its most powerful and tense moment you will have to vote for the one you want to see.

The quality of the play and this great twist has seen audiences hanging around the theatre for ages afterwards vigorously discussing the night’s verdict.

And to date, the verdict is still close to 48/52.

That's right, 48 percent of the time the audience have voted to allow the children to Murder their mother.

An RAV Regional Tour of Victoria commences in May

The Wolves Theatre Company are determined to show that mature creatives can be original, challenging and pertinent. We write and produce bold, contemporary pieces aimed predominantly at the 40 plus demographic.

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