Is Vomit Commercial?

Adrifting through the Vomit Generation is The Wolves fourth play and even though we’ve had great feedback on all our plays the feedback on Vomit is amazing.

I will admit it hasn’t been everyone’s cup of tea but we expected that to be the case from the start.


From her first read Yvonne Matthew who plays Margaret has always believed it was a commercial hit. For every rehearsal she has remained in character turning up as Margaret. She constantly puts forth her ideas on how to milk each moment. She is a great actor, entertainer and has great comic timing. She also has bounds of energy and the devil in her laugh. There is a particular scene that I thought would be played straight with reverence, that she turns on its head and every night I watch the audience struggling as their own inner politically correct masters try to stop them bursting out laughing.

Rebecca Ann Bentley, who is clearly heading to a higher place in our industry, doesn’t act at being Taylor. She is Taylor. A joy to work with she has a deep intelligence and understands exactly what the story is and her place within it. The Wolves are blessed to have her and her enormous talent.

She's currently filming her own feature film. Astonsihing.

Rohana who is also in Marooned initially didn’t want to play Di. Not because it was a difficult role, but because she appeared to be the least fun. Di is the polar opposite of Rohana’s natural personality. A straight unglamorous, often annoyed and embittered character who is absolutely necessary to the script. but despite being forced to remain pissed off as her fellow actors sprout their hilarious lines around her Rohana is simply terrific and now loves the character.

And finally Angelique Malcom the last to join the cast. Brought in late she had to learn the script quickly and like Rohana Magnolia is nothing like her. But despite it all she continues to not only nail the role but explore this complex character who is a charming rouge. I find her development of the character fascinating to watch.

And so now, after tonight we will take a short break then bring it back. But we aren’t going to do seasons so much as band gigs. Which when you take theatre out to the suburbs makes more sense from a business perspective.

But all this said, every night the people enjoy it, and every morning we have more facebook posts where they rave about it. It’s great, as were the two reviews we received.

So that’s it, our only goal with this season was to put it on as cheaply as we could to see if it had legs.

And it has legs. Now to take it to the next level.


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