The Magnolia Tree is a dangerous play.

As a family gather to decide upon the future of their beloved and ailing mother the temperature both drops and boils as the conversation moves quickly away from nursing homes to murder. And it doesn't end there. In this tense and dramatic play the final decision will be yours, the audience.

While writing the play Michael realised he had the choice of two polarising endings, as he pondered as to which one to take he suddenly realised why should he be the one to pick. Instead, why not offer that unique experience to the audience.

Theatre, unlike any other medium allows the audience to become deeply embroiled.

And so he chose to make it a play with two endings and one vote.

And while he was assured the audiences would rarely if ever choose murder, to his and everyone’s surprise nearly 50% of the time they do. This is why at the end of every show the audience hang around for ages discussing the experience they have just gone through.

A review

Another review For more Google "The Magnolia Tree Griffith"

Before starting its Regional Tour of Victoria The Wolves are staging eight shows of The Magnolia Tree in Kew Courthouse Theatre.

In this season Vicky will be played by Lise Rodgers who you may recognize among many other TV and theatre pieces from Prisoner Cell block H.

“In a lifetime of going to see theatre I have never been as emotionally involved in a play as I have in this one”                                                                             -John Flaus

On Michael's Work

“You write without fear and yet with a keen sense of both heart and responsibility. You have a good nose for story and a sharp sense of unrest and disquiet. There is enormous truth at the core of your work and you are relentless in your pursuit of it.”                                                                           -Chris Mead MTC

Griffith crafts an ingenious script that shocks and confounds. Ezra Bix portrayal of the callous and calculating Jack is masterful.

-Lyn Zelen Theatre People 4.5/ 5 *

Staring Ezra Bix and Michelle Robertson

The play manages to remain modern and edgy without ever feeling like it is designed to preach or over extend itself. The narrative comfortably sprawls before you with moments of intrigue, devoid of pantomime, and an authentic feeling plot. Running for just over 70 minutes this is a great piece of no frills theatre that cuts to the core of what constitutes a good play.

-Nigel Hawkins In review

Playwright Michael Griffith has written a striking character-driven play filled with family secrets and fractured relationships, presenting them with an impossible bind. . . A must see                                                             -Simi West 4/5 Stars

In May 2017 The Magnolia Tree premiered at La Mama Theatre to a sell out season and critical acclaim. The word spread so quickly La Mama had to create waiting lists. Even the acclaimed Director Simon Phillips came to see it.

Kew Courthouse Theatre 188 High St, Kew VIC 3101 Book Now.


This Season will be directed by Rohana Hayes

The Wolves Theatre Company was formed out of a determination to show that in an ageist society mature creatives could be original, challenging and pertinent. Now they are carving a name for themselves as one of the most innovative and exciting contemporary theatre companies in the country.

Their growing pack produce their own bold, engaging and poignant pieces aimed mainly at the 40 plus demographic.

'They Dream, They Dare, They Deliver.'

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