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The Seagull King is in pre-production 


Synopsis : The Seagull King


Unable to financially support himself, Wallace Wood an older actor who never cracked the big time, is residing in a nursing home. The world thinks he has Alzheimer’s but Wallace is only acting; superbly. To date it is the best performance of his life. Trouble is, among the soggy party pie dinners and incontinence pads one carer also works at a theatre company who is putting on King Lear, but the company can’t find a King. Has Shakespeare found him? If so, can Wallace find the courage to leave the sanctuary of this chicken coup and through finally playing Lear become the greatest of all the dreamers . . .

The Seagull King.


70 mins long

Three actors

1 tech

Set: A nursing home room.

Auditions open:

Leanne:       25 to 35. Clever Single Mother    

RN Nurse :  50 plus. Woman or Man      

Contact for details and to read the script

Preferably but not necessarily living in the Geelong area. 

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