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The Shadows and the Hues Open Casting.

Director Bruce Beresford

Writer Michael Gray Griffith

Producers Wedge Theatre Sale & The Wolves Theatre company



John Carrington has had enough, tomorrow he’s being evicted and sent to a hostel where unfortunately he won’t be able to take his cat. An old man, he exists in a dingy flat full of boxes that hold the remnants of his life. Boxes he also cannot take. So instead, he decides to turn on the gas and check himself and his cat out. Unfortunately, he is rescued by Jason, an anxious and struggling young artist who lives next door. An artist who is convinced that half a miracle has happened, but the other half will require him to paint a portrait of this old man. A masterpiece that will save John from oblivion and show the world that Jason is a great artist. Only trouble is, as the night wears on, Jason who is not sure he is a great painter, knows the only chance he has to complete this miracle and save them both, will be to find, in this dingy flat full of boxes, John Carrington’s long-lost beauty.

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