Over 30 years ago i was living in a dingy flat dreaming of being a writer. One night I smelt gas and broke into my neighbours flat and saved an old man.

His oven was on, every dial. I realised, a while later that he was trying to take his own life.

His flat was full of boxes, like he had moved in here from a bigger house and had never unpacked.

For a year I became close with him until his daughter came and took him away to a nursing home.

He had dementia.

When I saw him last he told me a secret which is in this play.

For years and years I tried to write a play which captured the beauty of this lonely old man.

The play used to drive me nuts for I felt there was a good play there.

Finally I finished it.

The play is about a struggling artist trying to paint an old man on the evening before he vanishes from the world.

His goal, to immortalize the old man, saving him from obscurity and simultaneously showing the world that this painter can paint.

And while he may never be able to paint the painting, just by trying he gives the old man back, something he never thought he'd have again . . . His beauty.

Now Melssia Forlano and Andrew Thompson are premiering the play in Sale in October 2021.

In October Sale will host the Archibald painting so the play fits.

It's an amazing honour and it's my favorite play.

The Old Man's name was John Carrington.


Now to find our John.

John : 70 plus.

Female : 40's .

A long way off, but here goes. If you know of an actor that might suit please contact Rohana at admin@wolvestheatre.com

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