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Three years ago a mature aged actor, Guy May left a note on his bedroom door apologizing to his house- mate for what they would find. A short time before this he’d messaged a few friends stating he  was thinking of leaving. One of them was me. When I received the message, at two in the morning, I was on the phone to another friend who had just been told their cancer was terminal. Instead of calling Guy, I told him to call the support services.


After hearing the news that Guy was gone I completed a play that had been in my head for years. It poured out. I wrote it in two days.


The first person to read it was The Wolves Producer Rohana. We run the Wolves Theatre Company. When I told her it was a suicide prevention play she said, I think that might be too heavy. But after she read it she looked up and said, we have to put this on.


 From its first showing in a small theatre in Prahran to here it has been a remarkable journey.  Without any initial marketing the theatre began to fill through word of mouth. Since then The MTC has had us in their Lawler Theatre and we have been toured to the towns of Sale, Corowa, Yarrawonga and Colac. Our next town is Launceston. 

Marooned is also being performed several times for the Australian Army as they prepare to roll the play out to several of their mainland bases.  One of their attractions is that the play engages an audience. 


In the UK. A National Conference of Psychoanalysts and Mental Health Professionals are wrapping up their proceedings 

with a performance of Marooned.


Below are the help line numbers, if required.


Gregory Caine

With an acting career that spans almost 20 years Greg has worked extensively in Australia, England and Europe. His most recent UK feature film Marriage has won 41 International Film Festival Awards. On TV he can be seen in ABC-s Utopia Seasons 2 and 3 and the currently airing Season 4. Also recently in Newton’s Law (ABC), The Wrong Girl (Ch10), 7 Types of Ambiguity (ABC), and Jack Irish (ABC). Recent Theatre appearance include Bitten By Productions  Dracula: Last Voyage of The Demeter, The Commune, and Dead Air

Rohana Hayes

Rohana who plays 768 has been performing and now producing for over 30 years including numerous plays and physical/theatre dance projects in her past life in London including The Three Sisters, Antigone, Marriage a la Mode, The Maids. In 2017 she co-founded The Wolves Theatre where she produced and starred in The Magnolia Tree at La Mama, Australia Dot Com, The Seagull King, Decoupage Skin and Women Men Nazis and Trucks.  Recent film and TV include Please Like Me, Picnic at Hanging Rock and three independent features. As a Producer she has produced The Magnolia Tree and Marooned formerly Sidelined aka Suicide Row.  She Produced a rehearsed reading of the musical Magpie at The Carlton Courthouse. She is passionate about The Wolves and their gutsy challenging attitude.

Daniel Hurst

Daniel is a Melbourne-based actor, dancer, producer, and director. Having performed both onstage and in front of the 

camera in a variety of roles, he is considered a character actor with the ability to embody the energies of the different characters he portrays. As well as graduating from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama), Daniel has engaged in numerous acting, improvisation, and clowning classes in order to gain a wider understanding of performance. His most notable works include portraying lost-in-life university dropout Adam in Shane Pike’s Nineteen, chaotic anarchist Karl in Serena Tas’ White Room (which he also produced and co-directed), and most recently, the regrettable suicide victim 134 in Michael Gray Griffith’s Marooned, which was performed for  the Australian Defence Force in Canberra in March 2020, and has continued playing in Melbourne and regional towns throughout Victoria and New South Wales since late 2019. In addition to acting, Daniel has trained with some of Brisbane’s greatest dance teachers in the styles of tap, popping, locking, animation, and krump.


Chris started acting late in life and found he enjoyed the people and the craft that he has continue performing. He study theatre performance at Victoria Centre of the Arts, National Theatre Company and 6 month’s Theatre production and performance at St Thomas University St Paul Minneapolis USA. Chris has been in 34 theatre production since finishing acting studies at the end of 2016. Outside of acting Chris is a Clinical Exercise Physiology and aims to complete his PhD in cell diseases.

No Time On drifted by Graham McCorbie written by Graham Forstyhs

When Iceburgs Burn directed by Aarne Neeme written by Michael Gray Griffith

 Life After George, Peridot Theatre by Hannie Rayson

Alan Duffy Dracula: Directed by Ashly Tardy, Club Voltair : Hopkins

Poor Theatre 

Strip theatre down to its bones & sometimes you find its marrow. 


Poor Theatre was coined by Jerry Growowski, an innovative Polish theatre director. The Wolves have been creating theatre under this label for two reasons, we are determined to stage new works fast, so don’t always have the time to wait for funding, and because we can.

It allows us great freedom, we can fail without breaking the bank, therefore we can test new material and the only way to create art is to risk failing.


For the first staging of Marooned the set was a bench we found on a council throw out.


To compensate for a lack of things that most theatre companies, would see as vital, we use whatever lights the venue has and keep sound effects and costumes simple.

We strip the pieces down to theatre’s bones; Actors and the story they’re telling.

After three years, minus the covid break, we are starting to get noticed. One new play is to be professionally staged by a regional theatre with a prestigious director attached. Another, set between Australia and an Arabic country, is being rehearsed over zoom as a passionate group of Arabic actors prepare to do a global zoom read, and in Melbourne, Osama Sami the lead in the film Ali’s wedding is approaching the MTC and Malthouse with the play.


We have John Wood attached to another new play which he claims is one of the most exciting new pieces he’s read in years.


Also, remarkably, the Army is touring Marooned. A play that is so versatile it can grace a professional stage, a town hall, or even a venue such as this.

We hope you enjoy the play.     

The Magnolia Tree might be a theatrical murderous tael, or maybe it’s not. That’ll be up to you.

The play is a journey, my into darkness, ort is it light?

But instead of being set on a tropical river in some far away jungle it takes place in an ordinary suburban house and involves ordinary people, Australians, Us.


But what it also does at one crucial moment is hand the compass over to you, the audience and what this does is make every showing special for no one knows, until the end, what the end will be.


But be warned 48% of the time the audience votes for MURDER.


Brilliantly written it is completely gripping, often funny, heartfelt and yet it can be chilling.


The cast consists of two St Kilda Residents Tottie Goldsmith and Ezra Bix, and also stars Rohana Hayes one of the founder so of the Wolves Theatre company,.


Ezra Bix, who plays Jack on The Magnolia tree


The script is seriously good and riveted me from the first scene.  It's theatrical dynamite – psychologically fascinating characters, with a deeply engrossing and relevant story which makes for a highly captivating and entertaining night in the theatre.


The play is very honest, topical and funny.  It will definitely have an affect on people.


The story poses big questions relevant to all of us.  It really gets people thinking, discussing and debating for a long time after the final curtain – much more than any other play I’ve been involved in, over many decades in professional theatre.  And isn’t that what good drama should always do?


I find Jack an extremely intriguing, human, flawed, selfish, compassionate, charming man – it will be fascinating to see how audiences react to him.  The dynamics between the three characters creates a gripping, tightrope tension to the whole play.



Griffith crafts an ingenious script that shocks and confounds. We’re privy to family secrets; confessions and personal boundaries are crossed. Ezra Bix portrayal of the callous and calculating Jack is masterful

★★★★ 4/5 stars

By Simi West: Catalyst

The Magnolia Tree


Simply Brilliant

★★★★ 4/5 stars

The Magnolia Tree Lyn Zelen Theatre People


Michael Gray Griffith has written a play that will cast your morality adrift in an exercise of humanity.

If you like a solid script and want to explore the depths of your own morality – this is the play for you.

Nigel Hawkins  InReview Score: 7/10

           ALEX THEATRE

Fri, 21 May 2021 7:30 PM

Alex Theatre Two

Sat, 22 May 2021 7:30 PM

Alex Theatre Two

The play so good, that it brought John Orcsik back to the Theatre after a 30-year absence 

Why not come and meet the Wolves as they prepare to bring this brand new thriller to the stage. 

A "Rehearsed Reading" of our new play "REAL"

But is it too dangerous for Australian audiences?

Why not come along, watch it and tell us your thoughts?

The esteemed actor John Orcsik will play alongside Ezra Bix
one of Melbourne's most respected theatre actors.

Also on stage will be Elizabeth OCallaghan

and Candice Leask as dangerous Lang, the Wolf.


Sunday 1st May 2021
2:00 PM

2 Denham Street, Hawthorn, Vic 3122,



Catch the 75 and the 48 tram to stop 23 
or the train to Hawthorn train station.
Lots of free parking too.

The Wolves are bringing New Australian Theatre To The People

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